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The worst thing about writing is having to explain myself explicitly...such as with these "About Me" blurbs. However, I refuse to be conceited enough to ask someone else to do it for me. In general, I prefer to have my writing speak and be my voice. Perhaps as I arrive at my fourth decade I am becoming a curmudgeon? (Some would say I have been there for a while now). Born and raised in the cornfields of Ohio I have spent most of my life on the farm, near the farm, or attending a school with a cornfield nearby. Its become a habit actually. It is one of my measures for determining what school I should associate with. No cornfields nearby, probably not for me. :-) I am happiest in the country. I have visited several cities of a reasonable size (Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Atlanta, St. Louis) and while I have enjoyed each one, after a few days, I am always ready to return to my quiet (yeah right!) country life. In my case that consists of a small home along a little stream, three rambunctious boys (5, 7, and 8), a lovely wife, a dog, several cats, a few raccoons, a deer (see picture) and other creatures who have adopted our home as theirs. As the sign says over our kitchen door, "Abnormality is the Normality at this Locality". We strive to keep the motto alive. That said, my primary profession is that of teaching. I am proud to be an adjunct professor at two of my alma maters, Wilmington College and Southern State Community College. I teach composition, occasionally literature or history, and remedial math. (My undergrad years were a long winding path...leading me to many different areas of study). I have taught online but primarily teach on ground. I like the personal connection with students. Some may call it cliche but I get energized by walking into the classroom and helping students to be better informed/more aware of their world. It is a thrill, a challenge, a frustration, and a profound sense of pride all rolled into one experience. I am even more appreciative when I consider that I had not planned on being a teacher. Now I can't imagine doing anything else. I find that I am a bundle of contradictions: A conservative with liberal tendencies, An organizer who, when it comes to mine own life, often fails at organization, A person of principle who is willing to allow other people to bend their principles out of necessity while remaining uncompromising with myself, a deeply spiritual/religious person who does not participate in most organized religion, an old soul who loves classical, Big Band, Swing and Jazz, yet embraced modernity and artists like Meghan Trainor. In short, I am human....or at least that's the rumor. I am messed up bundle of experiences, ideas, thoughts, and whatever else was left over at the end of the day. I love life, I respect people and embrace humanity. At the end of the day, it does not matter to me if you are Republican or Democrat, White, Black, Hispanic, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Gay, Straight, Bi-Sexual, or in general, apathetic. Ultimately, are you true to yourself? Are you a person who wants to know the world, not simply because it is there, but because you hope it has something new to offer, a new explanation, idea or memory? That is why I am here. To write what I feel. To be who I am. To enjoy and share...and learn. If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so: brook_edwards@wilmington.edu or edwards45177@yahoo.com Best wishes, and enjoy!

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