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Ghost of the Living

The step is a little slower,

The glimmer that once sparkled now a little dull.

Age has stooped the figure once so proud and tall.

When he speaks, its a little more softly

And the hands, worn with worry and work

Are now crooked from the pain.

The dark hair has turned ice white

But the fierceness still burns inside.

He’s still in there somewhere,

Even if he doesn’t always recall where.

The pain is now mostly ours,

For, now, only we remember.


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In the deepest recess

Where shadows hide,

The faded memories.

What tales are told

And reconstructed,

Tinged with sorrow.

Good-byes never said,

Nor ever wanted.

Both for living and dead.

That place that haunts us.


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Looking Back

Oh the things we have lost…

Now memories, hallowed and miss-remembered.

Recalling glories that were never there.

Seeing the friendly faces, recalling dreams

Long since turned to dust.

Yet like a moth to the flame,

We recall better moments,

The ones we had wished for.

The one’s that tell use what could have been.

And of course,

There is or sense of loss

Where the regret seeps through thin veils

And snares us.

Tears to be shed.

For what we had, so we thought

For what we wished.

And for what we lost.

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Walking in the moonlight

On shores so distant to my heart,

Where daffodils and daisies bloomed

And I was free of worries.

Where when the morning broke

The shore filled with a light scented breeze,

And where the shadows never clung

Now just idle memories.

For the night now sails the sea

And the shore has washed away.

No flowers bloom amongst old haunts.

Except, perchance, on a lonesome grave.


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Sometimes the pain flows,

Like a river through my soul

And in my head I lose myself.

Sometimes the sun just doesn’t wanna shine

And I roll myself

Into the darkness.

Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel

Goes out.

And I walk blindly.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Cause the journey was worth it.

It’s the journey, not the ending.

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The gentle slide into darkness

So delicious in its seductive ways

Lulling the mind with a lullaby

Made for the children of a simpler age.

Submerging myself into what can be

And never begging for forgiveness.

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Old Friend Heartache

Good morning heartache

Welcome back my old dear friend

Let us dance again.

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