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Ghost of the Living

The step is a little slower,

The glimmer that once sparkled now a little dull.

Age has stooped the figure once so proud and tall.

When he speaks, its a little more softly

And the hands, worn with worry and work

Are now crooked from the pain.

The dark hair has turned ice white

But the fierceness still burns inside.

He’s still in there somewhere,

Even if he doesn’t always recall where.

The pain is now mostly ours,

For, now, only we remember.


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On Feathered Wings

On feathered wings,

The old year sails

Into the darkness of history.

And I stare at the cold sky

Star twinkling.

The majestic awe of insignificance.

The change where no change has happened,

Except perchance my own time.

Another few grains through

An hourglass.

And I know mine grow shorter.

But my hope remains

Like time itself,


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The rain drips slowly

As if the sky was melting

Soft the day does fade.

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The Old Stone Walk

The rain pitter-pats against the worn stone

Washing away the multitude of sins

And renewing the earth which it nurtures.

I stand beneath the sycamore

Staring longingly into the distance

Where the corn has just been harvested.

Just beyond the stone, but safely nestled

Where the rain catches branches and umbrella

And I escape the renewal of the water.

For I do not wish to be renewed.

I wish to remain.

Much as the stone.

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Fragile cherry petal

Cast upon the shallow pond

Beauty fades in time.

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New Faces (Haiku)

Patient water drips

Working along the old stone

New faces emerge.

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How Late the Hour

How late the hour grows,

As the verdant canopy slowly discolors.

How short the days now seem,

As sun flees behind the horizon.

Where once in my youth I stalked the tigers,

Conquered mountains, and won wars,

Now I lament the quiet solitude,

For age is a bitter mistress.

How long the days now seem

Yet how fast time does fly.

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